MaestroLIVE is our flagship application supporting clients across the United Kingdom. The solution operates exclusively in the cloud creating secure connections between office-based management and mobile workers in the field.

User case studies range from the management of road network maintenance for our customer Colas, to job scheduling for teams of environment cleansers in the city centres of Manchester.

MaestroLIVE is a comprehensive solution for managing mobile work-forces and the tasks they complete.

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Development Services

Managed workflow is a broad scope and the requirements of businesses managing their workforces are many and varied.

We offer bespoke development services allowing you to customise our products to suit your exact needs.

In most examples, MaestroLIVE managed workflow core functionality is the ideal basis for building bespoke requirements.

Examples include new modules such as 'Schemes', 'Asset Manager' and 'Budget manager' that can extend MaestroLIVE to meet your specific requirements.

Professional Services

MobileWorks offers professional services for the management of complex development projects.

We offer our extensive experience in developing business critical systems for managing workforces.

Embarking on a development project for your business can be a daunting prospect but we can guide and manage your projects with you to ensure your requirements are met.

About MobileWorks

Founded in 2005, with offices in Cambridge and Poznan, Poland, the company develops highly flexible and bespoke end to end mobile software systems to meet the needs of our growing list of enterprise and public authority clients. We deliver workflow management solutions to operations in logistics, asset management, shopping centre management and town or city centre environmental enforcement to name but a few.

MobileWorks comes with pedigree in developing mobile solutions with several of our founders having been involved with developing mobile data applications from the very beginning of the 2G era – as far back as 1992. Our heritage includes many firsts, such as developing the worlds first commercial SMS applications that combined email and diary notifications into text messages for a major insurance company; combining emerging GPS with GIS technology to help infrastructure engineers in the field know where their assets were located; mobilising legacy ERP systems to allow healthcare service providers to meet contracted service levels.

MobileWorks continues this tradition of innovation as it develops systems and solutions that meet the needs of their customers.